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Usage and Maintenance - Low Smoke Chulha


Usage and Maintenance

Tips and tricks for usage

  • Make sure all gaps between the parts are sealed with clay or mixture of clay and cow dung
  • For the first few times, use completely dried firewood. In case of difficulty during monsoons use a bit of fuel oil (Kerosene) to start the fire.
  • Use only 3-4 wood pieces for the fire at any time. Do not stuff the fire chamber with excess wood. This will produce excess smoke.
  • For best results use smooth, regular shaped pots that seal the pot hole completely and do not let heat or smoke escape
  • For best results keep the flame center directly below the pot.
  • Periodically shake the wood pieces to remove ash.
  • Clean the ash pit from time to time so that the grate is not blocked
  • While using a pot smaller that the pot hole on the stove top, please use a reducer (a steel plate or an old tawa with a small hole in it

How to maintain the stove

Regular cleaning and maintain of the Low Smoke Chulha will ensure a long and efficient life for the stove.

Daily cleaning The ash pit needs to be cleared everyday to ensure a good air draft flow is maintained through the stove.

Weekly cleaning Once a week the soot collector also needs to be removed from the chimney chamber and cleaned gently with water and with the help of a brush. The stove should also be layered with fresh mud once a week to ensure there are no gaps between the parts that may allow heat and smoke to escape.

Monthly cleaning Clean the chimney once a month with the help of a long brush.

Entrepreneur explaining chart on how to maintain the stove to the user

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Usage and maintenance FAQ

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