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The Chulha Concept - Low Smoke Chulha


The Chulha Concept

Introducing Chulha

The Low Smoke Stove is a low-tech solution to enable healthy indoor cooking. This stove has been developed to fight the ill-effects of indoor air-pollution, a silent threat that is the cause of respiratory problems in many rural households of India.

Co-developed by NGOs, local designers and stove users, the Low Smoke Stove has many advantages over traditional stoves. Apart from providing a better cooking environment, the stove is easy to use and maintain, and can be used with indigenous biomass as fuel. As the stove is locally produced and distributed, it is relatively cheap and easily available. The stove production uses local materials and processes, and also allows for easy installation.

The foremost benefits of the Low Smoke Stove is that it provides a safer home environment for families, reduces the risk of respiratory illness, and supports indigenous fuels and ways of cooking.

Low Smoke Chulha

01-Making-the-Low-Smoke-Chulha.jpg Installing the chulha.jpg Using the low smoke chulha.jpg Close of Low smoke Chulha.jpg
Making the Chulha using a mold Installing the Chulha Cooking on the Chulha Close up of the Chulha

Chulha models

The Low Smoke Chulha comes in two models, Saral (easy) and Sampoorna (complete). The Saral is a simple stove with two pot holes. The Sampoorna comes with a steam cooker and one of the pot holes is specially designed to accommodate this. Because of this, the Sampoorna is priced higher than the Saral.

Saral chulha.jpg Sampoorna chulha.jpg
Saral Chulha Sampoorna Chulha

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