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Starting Up - Low Smoke Chulha


Starting Up

Why participate

The Low Smoke Chulha provides a healthy cooking solution to communities as well as creates entrepreneurs in communities. The solution can have immediate benefits in terms of shorter cooking time, less consumption of fuel, etc. The more important aspects are the long term health benefits for entire families.

However, since traditional stoves are never bought, but put together by the user, potential stove-users are often resistant to the idea of having to spend on a cooking solution. The successful deployment of this cooking solution lies in the effective communication of the benefits of using this stove to families.

The next critical step in the deployment process lies in creating stove-makers who can deliver this solution to stove-users. From setting up the infrastructure, to getting the required parts and raw materials, the stove-maker usually needs hand-holding and assistance in this area. If done successfully, this creates village entrepreneurs who not only make a significant addition to their monthly income, but also see a positive change in their standing with the village community.

How to start

If you are interested in making the Low Smoke Stove, or in making the Low Smoke Stove available to communities, you can find all the support information you need on this site. Please go through the various sections of this wiki to understand what is the requirements to make, promote and sell the Chulha. The Chulha deployment kit download will have supporting materials to help you with these activities.

Setting-up your network

The key stakeholders of the Low Smoke Chulha are NGOs, stove-makers, suppliers, mold-makers, stove-users and sponsors.A successful deployment of the stove needs good partners for each of these roles.

NGO: The NGO is actively involved in propagating this healthy cooking solution among communities. They spread awareness about the stove and its advantages in villages. The NGO is also the one who identifies a person who can serve as a stove-maker. In certain cases they arrange for financing and training for the stove maker as well.

Stove-makers: The stove-maker is the person who sets up the required infrastructure to make and sell the stoves. He has to identify sources of material, as well as potential buyers. Once an order is placed, he makes, transports and installs the stove in the house of the buyer. He also gives the stove user tips on how to clean and maintain the stove for best functionality. Stove-making can provide to be a significant addition to his monthly income.

Mold-makers: The mold-maker makes the actual molds that are used to cast the stove pieces. Once the order for a mold is placed with him, he arranges for the delivery of the mold to the stove-maker, and also keeps a record of the transaction.

Suppliers: Suppliers provide the raw materials for the stove, as well as stove parts like the chimney and steam cooker.

Stove-users: Stove users are the buyers of the Low Smoke Chulha. Once they place an order for the stove, they have to prepare the area where they plan to install the stove. During the stove installation they usually assist the stove-maker. By opting for a Low Smoke Chulha, stove-users are opting for a safer and healthier home environment. A satisfied stove-user is the best promoter of this cooking solution.

Sponsor: Sponsors can assist in all or part of the stove dissemination process. From financing chulha molds or materials for the stove-makers, to arranging micro loans for stove-users to buy the Low Smoke Chulha, sponsors have a pivotal role in making deployment of the stove a reality.

Start-up training

The start-up training provides coaching on how to create the set-up to make the Low Smoke Chulha from the molds. The training is provided by other stove-makers who gave give practical tips and tricks to make stove making possible. The training calendar in the download section will let you know the training schedule set-up so far.

Training Calendar
Event Code Date Location State Training description Trainer Trainer Contact Organizer Organizer contact
LSCTR-001 08/09/2011 Solapur Maharashtra Stove making Ravi 9812345678 Ramesh, Jungle scape 9812345678 ramesh@junglescape.com
LSCTR-001 08/09/2011 Solapur Maharashtra Promotion Ravi 9812345678 Ramesh Jungle scape 9812345678 ramesh@junglescape.com
LSCTR-001 08/09/2011 Solapur Maharashtra Stove making Ravi 9812345678 Ramesh Jungle scape 9812345678 ramesh@junglescape.com

Start-up FAQ

Chulha deployment kit

This page is created to allow selected Non Governmental Organisations to download the Chulha start-up-kit and to start the production and dissemination of the Chulha stove.

On this page you can download our start-up kit for the Chulha stove which is part of our Philanthropy by Design initiative. Please click the following link to download the 300 MB password protected zip file which provides you with all information and materials to create a set of molds and start producing the Saral and / or Sampoorna Chulha by yourself, to improve the lives of people in your area of attention.

By clicking on the links below you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of usage of the Chulha and all related material

Criteria for participation

The aim of this wiki is to supporting the work of Non-for-profit and Non-governmental-organizations (NGOs) via the creation of design concepts that lead to the development of:

  • Empowering solutions (solutions enhancing individual empowerment and socio-economic development of local communities) and/or
  • Relieving solutions (solutions relieving the suffering of people in emergency situations)

Criteria for the use of the ‘Chulha’ low-smoke stove design

The low-smoke stove that we propose has been designed and testing according to:

  • Local production rules and specific instructions for its installation and maintenance
  • The use of concrete (the use of clay and other materials has not been tested and can change the performance of the stove)
  • The culinary habits and cooking behaviors emerging from a field study conducted in a few rural and semi-urban villages of western India (e.g. the target audience cook sitting, use wood and/or cow dung as fuel to steam rice, roast chicken and cook chapatti). This means that the use of this solution in different physical and socio-cultural contexts, and for different purposes has not been tested.

Terms of use for the Low Smoke Chulha

Please be aware that the overall implementation of this solution is at your own risk, Philips Design declines any responsibility.

When ordering mold-sets to produce the Chulha stove, please note the following:

Philips Design (creator of the concept design) is not a contracting party to the agreement (including quotation and/or order) between FOMO and Customer and cannot be considered as such. For the avoidance of any doubt Philips Design disclaims:

1. Any representations or warranties with regard to the concept design or any information related thereto

2. In no event shall Philips Design be liable for any type of damages of whatever nature in connection with or arising out of the concept design or any information related thereto or the use thereof as well as the quality of the product or mold set delivered by FOMO to Customer.

FOMO the manufacturer of the product (Moulds) is not liable for

  • Any Issues related to Assembly of the Moulds.
  • Any Issues related to Quality, Functioning of the end product.
  • Any type of damages of whatever nature in connection with or arising out of Casting of the Stove.
  • Any type of damages, caused during Shipment, Transit, Handling.
  • Service transit time. Transit times are provided by the carrier, excluding weekends and holidays, and may vary with package destination.

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