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Apr 20th 4:12 am

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Starting Up
If you are interested in making the Low Smoke Stove, or in making the Low Smoke Stove available to communities, you can find all the support information you need on this site.
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May 4th 5:42 am
The investment costs involved in the manufacturing the chulha are for infrastructure, inventory and transportation.
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Dec 24th 3:39 am
The Low Smoke Chulha has social, health, economical and environmental benefits. For effective buy-in to this stove proposition, these benefits need to be communicated to stakeholders.
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Apr 9th 11:56 pm
Getting the Mold
The download section has an excel sheet with a list of suppliers along with directions on how to use them. If you are interested in making the molds for yourself, the required CAD data is also available in the download section.
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Sep 23rd 11:50 am
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Dec 1st 1:37 pm
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Sep 23rd 12:03 pm
Usage and Maintenance
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Sep 23rd 12:13 pm
Feedback and Ideas
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Jul 26th 3:28 pm

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