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Promotion - Low Smoke Chulha



How to tell the chulha story

The Low Smoke Chulha has social, health, economical and environmental benefits. For effective buy-in to this stove proposition, these benefits need to be communicated to stakeholders. There are case studies available in the download sections for NGOs and sponsors to understand the impact of the stove on people’s lives.

NGOs in turn need to communicate the benefits of the stove to stove-makers and stove-users. Posters put up in community centers of villages are a good way to spread the word about the Low Smoke Chulha. Similarly, the chulha benefits can also be communicated through group discussions, or one-on-one discussions, using posters and handouts. Such tools are available in the download section of this site.

How to engage local communities

How to identify communities and call for local entrepreneurs, a 3 step process.

1. Creating awareness and faith in the Low Smoke Chulha
 Generate an understanding about better alternatives to high pollution, traditional methods of cooking within the local community. Initial efforts need to focus on demonstrating time taken to cook, low fuel consumption and low emissions.

2. Mentor enterprising locals in setting up a Low Smoke Chulha business. Communicate the income generating potential of the Low Smoke Chulha by giving examples of successful entrepreneurs that have improved the quality of life of several households by providing affordable channels to procure the Low Smoke Chulha.

3. Provide guidelines for running a successful business. Provide market linkages, stress need for reliable after sales servicing and help link appropriate customized financial schemes to make buying easier for locals.

If you are interested in understanding the potential of the Low Smoke Chulha please see the Starting up section of this wiki.

How to find more chulha adopters

There are various ways in which a community can be introduced to the Low Smoke Chulha proposition. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate the positive qualities of the Stove is to make and install one for free in a public kitchen like that in a school, or in the home of a village member with good standing in the community.

Another useful way to promote the stove is to hold a cooking fair or workshop which not only shows how to use the stove, but also demonstrates how well it fits with local fuels sources and ways of cooking.

Low Smoke Chulha Promotion Poster

Low Smoke Chulha Promotion Poster

Promotion FAQ

Chulha promotion kit

The Chulha Promotion Kit consists of all documents related to Promotion.

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