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Getting the Mold - Low Smoke Chulha


Getting the mold

Ordering the mold

The high quality set of molds for the Low Smoke Chulha comes in a crate of about 0.6 m3 and consists of about 15 fiberglass molds. The set of molds is produced in India and can be ordered directly by your organization. One mold can be used for making up to 500+ stoves

The download section has an excel sheet with a list of suppliers from whom you can order a mold set. If you are interested in making the molds for yourself, the required CAD data is also available in the download section.

The Saral and Sampoorna stoves share many common parts. Only 2 out of the 11 concrete parts differ among the two models.

Chulha Mold

Chulha Mold

Making the mold

The 2D and 3D data to make the molds for both Sampoorna and Saral can be found in the download section. Both stoves are made from assembling 11 parts. The CAD data set includes information for making molds for all 11 parts. The Saral and Sampoorna stoves share 9 parts in common. 2 of the parts that are for directing the inner draft flow and the top plate differ between the 2 models.

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Chulha mold FAQ

For FAQs on getting and using the Chulha Mold please see the FAQs document.

Mold Kit

The Mold Kit consists of all documents related to Mold

Terms of use for the Low Smoke Chulha

Please be aware that the overall implementation of this solution is at your own risk, Philips Design declines any responsibility.

When ordering mold-sets to produce the Chulha stove, please note the following:

Philips Design (creator of the concept design) is not a contracting party to the agreement (including quotation and/or order) between FOMO and Customer and cannot be considered as such. For the avoidance of any doubt Philips Design disclaims:

1. Any representations or warranties with regard to the concept design or any information related thereto

2. In no event shall Philips Design be liable for any type of damages of whatever nature in connection with or arising out of the concept design or any information related thereto or the use thereof as well as the quality of the product or mold set delivered by FOMO to Customer.

FOMO the manufacturer of the product (Moulds) is not liable for

Any Issues related to Assembly of the Moulds. Any Issues related to Quality, Functioning of the end product. Any type of damages of whatever nature in connection with or arising out of Casting of the Stove. Any type of damages, caused during Shipment, Transit, Handling. Service transit time. Transit times are provided by the carrier, excluding weekends and holidays, and may vary with package destination.

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