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Feedback and Ideas - Low Smoke Chulha


Feedback and Ideas

Help improve the Chulha

The Low Smoke Chulha is a collaborative project and improvements and adaptations to the Chulha design is an on ongoing and welcome process. In addition to this, new ideas for Chulha accessories and applications will only make the utility of the stove greater. Any ideas and contributions can be put forward in the discussion forum. . It is hoped that the innovation community can help make some of these improvement ideas a reality.

Some of the areas for improvement are as follows -

  • Alternate, eco-friendly material for the chimney pipe
  • Alternate material for the soot collectors
  • Alternate material for the stove parts
  • Faster process for stove manufacture
  • Material that makes for lighter stove parts
  • Additional accessories for the stove
  • Alternate reinforcement material
  • Attachment for smoking meat, grain, etc.
  • And more…

Some ideas about new ways to use the stove are as follows –

  • Redirect smoke from the stove to kill insects and mosquitoes
  • Use stove to cook mid day meals for children in schools

Support the chulha deployment

Who is this wiki for?

The Low Smoke Chulha was part of the Philanthropy by Design program run by Philips Design. This is an initiative where the Philips Design community uses its expertise to tackle social and environmental issues that affect underserved communities around the world. Indoor air pollution caused by cooking indoors using biomass was one such problem that was taken up. The Low Smoke Chulha co-created with local communities and local designers n as a solution to this.

In spirit, the Low Smoke Chulha platform is an open innovation platform where NGOs, entrepreneurs, sponsors, designers and local communities participate to make the stove solution more robust and fitting to local needs. This site is intended to serve as a dialogue between participants of this innovation process. A dynamic community in this space can ensure a vibrant community in underserved regions of the world.

Help us grow the Wiki

Like the Low Smoke Chulha, this wiki is also a story in progress. While there is a lot of valuable information on the site, there are many more ways to make this an even more indispensible resource. If you have your own Low Smoke Chulha story, please include your experience, images and videos in the relevant. To do so you would need to register as part of the chulha network. After this you can contribute actively as a stove stakeholder and also act as an information resource for others interested in developing this stove solution further.

How to use this Wiki

The various pages of the wiki take you through the various stages of planning and implementing the Low Smoke Chulha project. There is background information on the stove development so far, as well as the experiences various stakeholders have had till date. The wiki also includes various tools and resources that can help bring the stove closer home to you. Most of this information can be downloaded and shared with anyone who is interested.

While most of this information is freely available, some information can be accessed fully only on registering. This is to ensure that this information is used in an effective manner and also helps to maintain a record of participants in the new Low Smoke Chulha story.

While almost all the data on this wiki is open source and freely downloadable, only the technical data to actually make the molds that are used to cast the stoves can be accessed only on registering as a potential Low Smoke Chulha stakeholder.

The various sections of this wiki tell the Low Smoke Story in a sequential manner. Those interested in getting a quick overview of the stove should refer to the first section, the Low Smoke Chulha story. The sections on starting up, finance and promotion may be of special interest to NGOs who want to take this solution forward. The sections on production, installation and maintenances have special bearing for the stove-maker and needs to be communicated to him effectively. He in turn can pass on tips and tricks on using and maintaining the stove to stove-users. Finally, the feedback and ideas section is for all participants of the Low Smoke Chulha story who want to improve on the work done so far. For more information on adding/formatting content please see the following help document.

If you want to share additional resources on this topic, please edit this wiki page.