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Chulha Around the World - Low Smoke Chulha

Chulha around the world

Other countries where the Low smoke chulha has been adopted.

Initially piloted in a limited number of villages in Maharashtra state, the Chulha has since been distributed by NGOs and local entrepreneurs in other states as well. But the problems associated with indoor cooking using biomass fuels are not just limited to India, so it was decided to investigate whether the Chulha would also prove equally as effective in similar contexts in other countries and continents.

So far the Chulha has been taken to Guatemala, Kenya and Laos. The Low Smoke Chulha showcased here has been redesigned and adapted to fit local materials and ways of cooking. Core concepts like modularity, reduction in indoor air pollution, reduction in firewood consumption, creation of entrepreneurs, etc. have been kept intact.

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- Green: Organisations that are implementing and disseminating the Chulha solution in India.

- Blue: Organisations that are implementing and disseminating the Chulha solution in other countries than India.

- Red: Locations where the Chulha has been exhibited

- Pink: Chulha project stakeholders

- Pins with the dot inside: Actively disseminating the solution currently.

Note: Exact addresses and locations to be edited by the organizations themselves !

Note: The pins (sometimes) do not show up in Internet Explorer: please use another browser for optimal experience.

Chulha Installations

The overview below shows how many Chulha's have been installed. Request to the implementing organisations to update their numbers quarterly, ideally monthly.

Name Country Chulhas Installed
ARTI India 30
Erin India 10
Junglescapes India 148
Adopt a stove, BetterFuture India India 1
RRDF, Assist India 70
Ekalavya, Assist India 20
HappyNewLife India 1
Stichting Passpoort India 10
Tenda Pamoja Kenya 40
Laos Stove Project Laos 10
HMA Guatemala 5
Chijnaya Foundation Peru 10
Total Installed till date 282

Cooking and Chulha Around the World

Chulha Around the world.png